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Do raised front ends (cheater bars) work?

Speed Tips
February 27th, 2012 · 13 Comments

Will adding a raised front end to your car help it get a head start?

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Maximizing weight

Speed Tips · Construction Tips
March 24th, 2010 · 14 Comments

Mike from Phoenix wrote in with an observation on how scales work, and how to use this to your advantage.

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EatSmart Digital Scale

Product Reviews
February 1st, 2010 · No Comments

EatSmart sent me a review unit of their Precision Digital Scale to see if it was a fit for pinewood derby use. The scale is attractive and lightweight, and runs on two AAA batteries (included). It’s also inexpensive, retailing for just $25 on Amazon.

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Pinewood Founder podcast

Elsewhere · Race Officials
December 18th, 2009 · No Comments

The Just My Show podcast has an interview with Donn Murphy, son of the creator of the Pinewood Derby and a participant in the very first Derby.

In 1953, Don Murphy made Cub Scout history when he founded the Pinewood Derby. Over 50 years later, his son Donn is here talk about the race you grew up with and he inspired.


CSAC Pinewood photos May 23

Looking for some design inspiration? The Columbus Society of Communicating Arts holds a pinewood derby each year as a fundraiser. As you might expect from a group of graphic designers and other creative pros, there’s some great car designs. For pictures from last year’s race, see the “2008 CSCA Pinewood Derby” set on Flickr.

Pinewood Derby in Iraq Feb 7

Some military personnel held a pinewood derby in Iraq and posted the pictures from it. The track is fairly decent and some of the cars are amazing. I wonder where they got all the materials and kits?

Maximum Weight Jan 2

I constantly hear from dads who remember from high school physics classes that mass doesn’t affect the rate at which something falls. If dropped in a vacuum, a bowling ball and a feather fall at exactly the same speed, so the same should be true of a Pinewood Derby car as well, right? If this […]

Even easier race day weight adjustment Jan 1

It’s important to make sure your car is exactly 5 ounces on race day. But I’d suggest keeping it slightly underweight until you get to the race. It’s always easier to add weight than it is to remove it. Last year our Scout District race was held outside on a car lot in April. Almost every […]

Why modifications are needed (Rules, Part 3) Nov 30

Other leaders and race organizers often ask me why a boy would need to modify the parts that come with their kit. Other than to gain an unfair advantage, why would someone lathe their wheels, change the axle slot location, or buy replacement axles? Wouldn’t it be best if everyone were using the exact same […]

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