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Know your rules

January 4th, 2006 · 1 Comment

As you look over the tips here or anywhere else, make sure you know the rules of your race. Race rules differ between programs and even by region. Some of the tips here might get your car disqualified. I try to only list legal tips and to point out where a tip might run afoul of some of the more common rule variations. There’s no substitute for knowing your own rules, however.


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  • Hypertech Pine // Sep 23, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Most rules say more by what they don’t say by as what they do say. This is really important in the entire learning process. The problem with rules arises when people try to eliminate all competition by adding rules because of last years winner. Perhaps they should spend more time reading tips and doing research then trying to remove the advantages of those who do spend the time.
    Last year jokingly I wrote into the rules:
    1) oil is not allowed however when used correctly we cant tell anyway so ignore rule 1
    2) machine lathed wheels are also not allowed but alas we have no way to tell that either so go ahead feel free.
    3) grooved axels are not allowed but again, we have no way of knowing because we don’t do tear down post inspections so be our guest. ( we also know they dont help so this is a smoke screen)
    4) Only stock black wheels are allowed. We actually have one technical inspector who can almost see when he squints so we will catch you cheaters on this one! (this was put in for our design category awards judging only)
    I guess the point is all the stupid rules in the world mean nothing if they cant be properly enforced. More importantly why reward the lazy people by eliminating all the advantages of those willing to go to the trouble to research and apply all the proper principals to make their cars better then their competitors. Make as well make it a coin flipping derby instead if its to be 100% “fair” for everyone including the lazy.

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