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Speed Tips

Advanced lubrication

January 4th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Most kids (and dads) in your race are using graphite. Most of the kids in my Cub Scout pack sure do. It’s cheap, you can get it anywhere, and it feels very slippery. I use an industrial lube called Dry Moly film. It looks a lot like the powdered graphite you buy at the hardware or […]

Lubrication is important

January 3rd, 2006 · 1 Comment

Friction is enemy number one when racing pinewood cars. Your car gains speed when rolling down the track’s slope, and then friction steals that speed on the flat portion of the track. Cars that rub against the track or have wheels that rub a lot on the car body don’t win. Some don’t even finish […]

Longer wheelbases go faster

December 29th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Putting your wheels out at the corners of the car will help make your car more stable. Remember, the less your car moves around, the faster it will be. So why does putting the wheels at the very ends help? Let’s try an experiment. Go grab a pinewood derby car block and a pencil. If you […]

Sometimes, weight goes in front

December 20th, 2005 · 4 Comments

Most pinewood tracks are shaped something like this: \ \ \ \_____________ But every once in a while you’ll see a track shaped like this: ___ \ \ \ \_____________ The first track has a starting gate where every car starts out […]

Weight to the back

December 14th, 2005 · No Comments

On most tracks, you want to put the weight as far back as you can on the car while still keeping the car stable. This maximizes the potential energy of the car. Potential energy is the energy your car has stored up while it waits to be dropped down the track. Why does it matter […]

Keep the weight low

December 3rd, 2005 · 4 Comments

One of the questions that comes up often is where to put the weight on the pinewood car. Should it go in front, back, top, bottom…? Placing the weight in such a way that your car has a low center of gravity is beneficial. Vibration and movement are the enemy of a fast car. The smoother […]

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